Jobs In Washington - Apply Now As A Part Time Learning Specialist In Girls School

When We say a Learning Specialist we mean an experienced special education professional who will acquire a leadership role in making intervention services available and instructions to scholars in Washington School for Girls who needed it most. The main objective of this job in Washington is to meet up with the various demands of students, to boost the love of learning and also to demonstrate improvement in reading Mathematics and writing to measurable outcomes. This program lay more emphasis on the delivery of services to all students in different grades ranging from 3rd - 8th respectively, with more emphasis on the middle grades.

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Duties and Responsibilities of this Job

  • To carry out this job excellently, An individual must be able to carry out each of the essential duty satisfactorily.
  • Take part in planning with classroom teachers in considering the welfare of the assigned students.
  • Show personal interest and enthusiasm for learning difficulties and make sure that students needs are met.
  • Assist the student's support team to identify the learning difficulties, develop student's support plans and also evaluate student's  progress.
  • Work with school administrators to enforce professional development for all staff and in turn support the development of common practices that supports the learning needs of all the assigned students.
  • Work with parents, students and classroom teachers regarding concerns and progress, participate in all formal teachers meetings, arrange meetings with parents and guardians for the welfare of students.
  • Make available individual and group academic support for the students in the organisation, study habit and other learning skills.
  • Carryout all necessary record keeping and other administrative duties from time to time and also do it orderly.
  • Engage in professional learning his/her knowledge and skill in literacy and also contribute to the knowledge of others, especially the assigned students.
  • Guide/Instruct students for the purpose of providing effective intervention services to meet up with the needs of assigned students.

Professional Competency 

  • To model and to reflect the school standards as a catholic school in conversation with students, teachers, parents and also members of the public as a whole.
  • To showcase high level of professionalism, including legal and professional ethics conversation with students, school staff, administrators and members of the public also.
  • To follow the policies and procedures of the school as contained in its handbook like keeping to time, professional dressing and keeping of all necessary documents accordingly.

Qualifications for the Job

To be qualified for the Jobs in Washington one must acquire either of this skills or ability listed below :

  1. Ability to work with diverse populations
  2. Two or more years of experience in the field of special education
  3. Exceptional interpersonal and relationship building skill
  4. Experience with common core state standards
  5. Data management tools, Organizational tools, Computer skills(Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel and also Gmail/Email)
  6. Experience with RTI and Implementation of effective intervention strategies
  7. Ability to analyze and use data to design, modify and evaluate curriculum and instruction given.

Educational Requirements 

  • Bachelor's Degree in education or its related field

Job Type 

  • Part-Time

Supervisory Responsibilities 

  • None


  • Special Education 2yrs


  • Masters Preffered

Accountable To

  • Principal and Vice Principal
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